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Halal E Hind Committee Halal For Everyone is a globally recognized organization that works on the mission to sustain Halal integrity in the modern world. The auditing and certification services we provide are internationally accepted in every sector of Halal industry including poultry, meat production, and slaughter. we have certified many leading Halal food producers in Indian States.

For us Halal certification is more than just a business motive. The company tries to spread Halal education around the world with the help of our ongoing certification process. Organizing cultural and social activities and taking initiatives to promote the interests of Muslim consumers is also milestone for our success. Moreover, Halal E Hind Committee provides technical training, legal and Islamic advice to operators of Halal market including, manufacturers, Public administration, Trading Companies, trade associations and advisors.

The process that we follow to certify company involves asking simple questions such as ‘What is Halal’ to important ones regarding preservatives, additives, colorings, flavorings and the Halal practices. In addition, the auditing team will conduct an inspection to check if the setup meets the Halal standards.

Our organization as a whole works through internal departments and international and local non-profit organizations funded by Halal E Hind Committee itself. We understand that our organization is still an unknown entity in some parts of the world. But the identity of Halal E Hind Committee is growing with the help of our constant efforts.

Applying for Halal certification with us is not only a starting point of Halal business. We provide continual Halal advice and monitor the status of your company. With successfully meeting the Halal standards, your company can be a leader in the less competent Halal market.

Halal International Certification guarantees about answering to daily questions via phone and email support. If required we can also speak to you through conferences and seminars. In fact we have an excellent team of experts who can provide you the best advice possible.


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